Héctor Solís


Héctor Solís in his 20 years of traditoria as chef has achieved important awards including many 50 Best San Pelegrino and Summun, although he has renounced any kind of award or prize because he thinks that his work does not require auspices or rankings

His career as a chef is lifelong, from a child in the kitchen with his parents to today. He himself is called “Peruvian product cook”, and this is the reason why he had never left his territory.  It takes a huge job to look for each supplier, because it demands that he not only comply with the norm, but with the requirements of the restaurant and himself.

In this line, a great attribute of La Picantería is the showcase of fishing of the day. This is mainly provided by artisanal fishermen from the Chilean coast, selected according to the quality of their products and their respect for the environment.  These are sustainable and responsible productions, which are measured according to the minimum fishing size, the season in which it is harvested, and the tools that are used for the capture, being a simple cane the only acceptable one.

 In any case, in La Picantería you could not miss the good Peruvian fish. The mere murike, a variety that occurs in the north of that country, is sent exclusively to La Picantería, being the only restaurant in Chile that can offer this culinary rarity. Héctor Solís does not hesitate to say that this is the best fish in the world.